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Aman Ki Asha (Naya Door)

Baatain kerain pyar ki
Or apnay sunsaar ki
Nafrat, sarhad, 
Khak o khoon
In ko krdo
Apnay say door
Maazi may to jhankoo
Honay walay
Zulm or shidat
Tum Naapo
Kia tum nay
Kabhi yay socha
Dono nay
Nafrat say
Kia khoya kia paya
Ab jo tum
Krtay ho 
Amun ka wada
Iss ko tum
Hergiz na bhulana
Aoo seekho
Apni tareekh
Say kuch
Pyar he say hai
Dunia may sukh
Aoo kaat dalo
Zahreeli fuslain
Jin ko diya tha pani
Her ik nay
Sarhad k matlab ko
Do naaey maaeni
Krlo azm
K ab
Krni jung nahi
Aoo wada kro
Kabi na
Choro gay muskil may hath
Do gay kbhi na 
Aghyaar ka sath
Yaad rukho
Mil k rahnay may
he hai jeet
Yahy rahi hai
Hamesha say reet
Do mulko may 
rahtay hoay
hum batain kerain
pyar ki


You Are A Puzzle

Sometimes I looked for you here, and some times there
To have your sight I’ve been ruined and I’ve everywhere
The dear ones vanished, but No one got a lead to you

You are not, yet you are at every place,
You are a puzzle

With what splendour you can be seen in every speck
But the mind is puzzled what you look like and what you are
You are a puzzle

I looked for you in the houses of worship, but couldn’t find you
Yet I found you residing in my heart,
You are a puzzle

I couldn’t find you anywhere
But the spectacle is that You are there, where we are
You are a puzzle

If there is none but you
Then I cannot understand why veil Yourself
You are a puzzle

You manifest-in the houses of worship
Your light is resplendent in these places
You are a puzzle

He who is lost in your love, He is rewarded
You could not be found either in a temple or Ka’bah
But you could be found in a broken heart
Sometimes you are hidden as non-existence and somewhere you appear as existence
If you are not then why deny?
Even the negation confirms your existence
The one I call my Existence who is that if not you?
If you didn’t come in my thoughts
Then how did I learn you are God?
You are a puzzle

What puzzles me is who and what are You
You’re an idol when You come by and if not then You are God
You are a puzzle

How did the one who entered wisdom could become Everlasting? How did one who comes into mind’s grasp become God
The philosopher doesn’t find God in an argument
He is trying to untangle the cord but cannot find the top
You tell all You are homeless
But surprisingly You dwell in a broken heart
You are a puzzle

If there is none but You 0 God,
Then what is all this commotion about?
You are a puzzle

You don’t hide, You don’t show Yourself
You show the manifestation but don’t show Yourself
You don’t remove the conflicts of the manner of worship
You don’t reveal the exact things
I’m surprised how You accommodated in my heart?
When the two worlds are not enough for You
You are in the houses of worship
You are faithless for not showing Your countenance
You are a puzzle

The puzzle taken strange possession of my heart
A confused picture it’s drawn within it
I do not understand what all this puzzle is
What is this game You’ve been playing since the beginning of time
You made the soul the prisoner of the body’s cage and then put the guard of death on it
You make the bird of contrivance fly ‘ yet you’ve spread the net of fate everywhere
For years you adorned the world and hereafter yet you have also made the plan of destruction
Though you claim to be homeless
Yet you preached about home, kith and kin
This is bad, this good, this is hell, this is heaven
Please tell me what is in this perplexity?
For Adam’s crime you punish his children
Is that the standard of your justice?
By giving the earthly vicegerency to the man,
You have made it into a spectacle
For Your own recognition you created all
But you hide yourself from all
You are a puzzle

You draw and erase yourself
I don’t know which crime of desire you punish us
Sometimes you’ll turn a pebble into a diamond
Other times you’ll turn a diamond into dust
The one who revived many dead
You made him to adorn the crucifix
The one that longed to have your sight on the Mount Sinai
You reduced the Mount to ashes with the Lightning of your Manifestation
You wished Abraham to be thrown into Nimrud’s Fire
Then you turned that fire into flowers yourself
Sometimes you throw a Canaanite into the well of Canaanites
And then deprive Jacob of his sight
You make Joseph to be put into the slave-mart of Egypt
And then you also make him the king of Egypt
When someone reaches to the destination of higher spirituality
You make him to voice: I’m the Truth
Then allow the verdicts of infidelity against Him
You send yourself Mansoor to the crucifix
One day he too loses his life
Whom You make to see Your sight
If a Ranjha goes in Your quest
You make him in the charity of Jhang
If some Majnun goes in Your quest
You make him a beloved of some Laila
If Your love awakens in Sassi’s heart
You scorch her in a burning desert
If Sohni imagined you as her Mahinval
You drowned her into the ragging currents
You do as You wish by summoning to the Heaven
And in a single night You can make the Prophet’s Accession to Heaven
You are a puzzle

You’re Your Veil
You are a puzzle

I accept what I say You mind it a little
But still I’ve a little complaint to make
You sat quiet on your Throne and watched Muhammad’s grandson the scorching desert of Karbala
How he was giving his blood for Your Love though he was thirsty for three days
His enemies were after all enemies, but it’s sad even you didn’t provide him with a little Water
Every favour of oppression is the inheritance of the oppressor
But the oppressed is neither consoled nor comforted
Yesterday he who had a crown on his head
Today I see him with a begging bowl
What is this? If I ask, your answer is
That no one can get acquainted with this secret
You are a puzzle

You are a world of astonishment
You are a puzzle

You are Omnipresent but I do not know where
I have heard your name but I do not know your location
You are a puzzle

Once the heart’s wish is fulfilled it glows
And when eyes are gratified they are filled With tears

When a person is lost in spiritual love
He is elevated and becomes like Bahu the poet
No one comes to harm under a dagger
But the arrow in an infant’s throat becomes the scale of justice
You are a puzzle

How carefree you are.
A long story you are
You are a puzzle

Inquiring about you cause confusion at Every step
I see discord between the circumstances and Ideas
I become a picture of distress
Whenever I see in the mirror of the world
I see so many contradictions in a single eye
I see one place divided into so many parts
Somewhere I see the autumnal smoke of hardship and somewhere I see the monsoon showers of blessing
ere I see hissing rivers and there silent Mountains
Here I see a forest, there I see a desert and somewhere else I see a garden
This style of division writhes me
I see some rich and some poor here
In Day’s share, I see only one sun shinning
While the night is bedecked with millions of stars
Here I see the withered flowers of truth
There I see the thorns of lies abloom
Somewhere I see Shamas skinned alive
Somewhere I see Sarmad’s head severed
What is night? What is morning?
What is light? What is darkness?
After all I’m also your deputy, why You say “what is yours?”
You are a puzzle

What would a person see of you?
You are veiled in every way
You are a puzzle

These mosques, temples and taverns
Some believe in this and some believe in that
All are your abodes dear,
Some believe in this and some believe in that
We are convinced of your Oneness
Someone leans towards negation
But You know the truth
Someone believes in this and someone believes in that
One includes him with the creation
The other stays aloof from all
Both are Your devotees
Some believe in this and some believe in that
If all are the devotees of your name
Then why the conflict of your names?
You are a puzzle

You are in every house of worship
You are in both the worlds wherever one is
You are there for him
In everywhere You are Unique
You are a puzzle

You are the centre of our quest, the world of colour and scent
You manifest all the time, You are Omnipresent
In Bahu’s surrounds there is only You
You are the beloved, very Handsome
You are the Glory and Honour of the Heavens
You are the gain of longings of the two worlds
You gave eyes and makes us perform ablution with the tears
Now give us a flask of your manifestation
Come out of the veil before me
For a short meeting and a conversation
Naaz will tell his beads place to place, street to street
Allah is one, He has no partner
Allahu, Allahu, Allahu………………….

The darkest hour is just before the dawn


Time has walked down the lane of life before we came to this planet. It bore witness to some of the most incredible incidents that happened here.

Time walked on when Noah’s ark was all set to sail and his very own son and wife refused to board it hence, drowning in the flood. Time was right in doing so. Hope led it to the future and there it witnessed the stand of Abraham against Aazar. 

Tragedies have struck our world, our country, our community and ourselves and yet we stand here talking about it. It is only because we had the hope to move on just like time. We put it past us and welcomed the new and the better day when we saw it coming to us. Then why is it that we are again finding ourselves in an abyss of darkness? … It is because we are facing a crisis. What we have forgotten is that that it too, like the ones in the past, has an expiration date. Effort and hope can lead us to that date. Then we will again revel and indulge in the new and bright rays of a dawn that will relieve us from this dementing crisis.

Man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only for one second without hope….Only one protector stands between the light and the darkness. Only one feature determines the attainment of success or failure. This, I’m sure you’re not surprised to hear, is hope!

 From the dawn of civilization to the present day, it is only through hope that humanity has risen from small pockets of rather unimpressive mammals to the dominant species of our planet, inhabiting almost every landmass and with technology far superior to that of our animal counterparts. Yet by the same token the rise of our society has not been peaceful but has instead been clouded with destruction. Many scientists believe that there is an ever- increasing hole in the ozone layer. Over half of the world’s forests have been cleared away to make room for our burgeoning population, and depletion of nonrenewable resources is ever-increasing. The questions remain: “Is there hope for future generations of the human race? Are humans a disease, a virus sapping the lifeblood of a once-healthy planet? Likewise, can there ever be world peace, or is the human race destined for self-destruction? The world survived the two great wars. Our country survived the earthquake and a devastating flood within a period of 5 years. Terrorism, sectarianism and ethnic conflicts are the main issues of today and yet we are brave enough to discuss the upcoming elections.

Anyone can give up; it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength

This is why I insist that not all is lost. We still have hope. There is light at the very end of this dark period. All we need to do is to muster enough strength to get up and seek it.

Those who persevere in the toughest times are the ones who are blessed to see the dawn. The suffragette movement, the battle of the black people for their rights in the west and the Pakistan movement are all examples of how people reached salvation after they experienced hell-like circumstances. Had they lost hope or lacked perseverance they would not have made it in the success stories of history. I therefore strongly recommend continuous optimism and hope and unmitigated hard-work. There is no way you cannot defeat any crisis if you happen to follow these guidelines. Hence, right now as a nation we have had enough of pessimism and now it is time to turn over a new leaf!




Demolishing Innocence

When mercy suffers

And petals are crushed

Nature sobs

But not



Stretched throat, pierced skull or poisoned body-sadly the life of many teens ends up in this way. Yes you are thinking right I’m talking about suicide incidents by teens of Pakistan. This is a sorry sight.

It’s really very anguishing that how some school going kids though unfamiliar with the concept of death have  preferred death over jaunty and cheerful world. Polished shoes, morning drill,  little gags, eagerness to show new pencil box, lunch box, shuffling time, swings with countless to and fro, impatience for the break, covers on new books-all this is common to everyone in their schools days. The time that is spent without the acknowledgement of pain, misery, worry. The time when exposure to pain connotes to rude morning awakening or bruises on knees or elbow joints or most of all the misery felt when a mere eraser is lost. This description must have made you nostalgic about your school days.

School life is all about this stuff but why here [Pakistan] we are coming across so many news showing child pictures and description of the suicide. Most of the time father’s scold, bullying or teacher’s behavior is behind all this. But this is the tip of ice berg while main portion is eclipsed. And the question remains there that WHY teens are choosing this path. Perhaps this is the million dollar question but needs immediate digging.

Suicide is the third leading cause of death for 15-24 years old after accidents and homicides. Reasons vary from complexities to pity problems. Sana (name changed), O’ level student shared her experience. Two years ago when she was much younger; had to go through the same depression phase due to her class teacher’s biasness. But before she actually gave practical form to her suicide idea luckily she got counseling with the help of her friend’s mom.

This, however, is not the case with everyone. Children from lower class are more prone to cruelty of teachers. Moral uplift, psychiatric counseling and parental support are some terms which are not known to them. Moreover children are often driven by impulsive instincts rather than having been in the phase of  anxiety from years and this causes them to take such decisions.

According to UNDP young people comprise of 63% population of Pakistan. This is not the percentage but the strength one of the highest percentages around the globe. This major fragment of the society needs our attention and their innocence must be protected. This issue must be dealt with serious efforts.

Individually and publically efforts are needed. Parents should dissolve the barriers and communication gaps. Conduct of the teacher should be given priority after his/her degrees. Because majority of recent reported suicide incidents were only because of the inhumane behavior of the teachers.

This social issue needs legislation on it. Although it is a lethargic process but we need initiative and attention because lives and mental peace of these innocent people must be prioritized and protected.






Water mania





It’s really very alarming that drinking water of the world along with the other recourses is with the great speed. This situation is even more alarming in developing and underdeveloped countries where people have very less awareness about preventive measures. Sadly Pakistani nation also doesn’t care for this blessing. Even spending lot of water during ablution is prohibited in Islam. But we lavishly use it throughout tooth brushing, dish washing, gardening, house washing and in bathing. This behavior is not appropriate for our coming generations, so please avoid from this and guide others.


24 / 7 tormenting


 Last night after back breaking chore of university and home I prepare my self to watch TV. Grabbing the remote control in my hands I was ready in my couch to entertain my weary brain but as switching to some news channel I was aghast by the shouts and yelling of politicians and anchor person. Sadly all were determined to prove their viewpoint by screaming and shouting and blaming others. On skipping to the next news channel same episode of roaring welcomed me. It’s really very depressing that some anchors are working on this shrieking formula for the sake of hype of their program. Our media is representative of our culture, mores and ethics in other parts of world too, so it’s necessary for all the educated class of my dear country, who appear in media, to follow some code of conduct and show others their gentle manners.