Demolishing Innocence

by Qurat-ul-ain Haider Zaidi

When mercy suffers

And petals are crushed

Nature sobs

But not



Stretched throat, pierced skull or poisoned body-sadly the life of many teens ends up in this way. Yes you are thinking right I’m talking about suicide incidents by teens of Pakistan. This is a sorry sight.

It’s really very anguishing that how some school going kids though unfamiliar with the concept of death have  preferred death over jaunty and cheerful world. Polished shoes, morning drill,  little gags, eagerness to show new pencil box, lunch box, shuffling time, swings with countless to and fro, impatience for the break, covers on new books-all this is common to everyone in their schools days. The time that is spent without the acknowledgement of pain, misery, worry. The time when exposure to pain connotes to rude morning awakening or bruises on knees or elbow joints or most of all the misery felt when a mere eraser is lost. This description must have made you nostalgic about your school days.

School life is all about this stuff but why here [Pakistan] we are coming across so many news showing child pictures and description of the suicide. Most of the time father’s scold, bullying or teacher’s behavior is behind all this. But this is the tip of ice berg while main portion is eclipsed. And the question remains there that WHY teens are choosing this path. Perhaps this is the million dollar question but needs immediate digging.

Suicide is the third leading cause of death for 15-24 years old after accidents and homicides. Reasons vary from complexities to pity problems. Sana (name changed), O’ level student shared her experience. Two years ago when she was much younger; had to go through the same depression phase due to her class teacher’s biasness. But before she actually gave practical form to her suicide idea luckily she got counseling with the help of her friend’s mom.

This, however, is not the case with everyone. Children from lower class are more prone to cruelty of teachers. Moral uplift, psychiatric counseling and parental support are some terms which are not known to them. Moreover children are often driven by impulsive instincts rather than having been in the phase of  anxiety from years and this causes them to take such decisions.

According to UNDP young people comprise of 63% population of Pakistan. This is not the percentage but the strength one of the highest percentages around the globe. This major fragment of the society needs our attention and their innocence must be protected. This issue must be dealt with serious efforts.

Individually and publically efforts are needed. Parents should dissolve the barriers and communication gaps. Conduct of the teacher should be given priority after his/her degrees. Because majority of recent reported suicide incidents were only because of the inhumane behavior of the teachers.

This social issue needs legislation on it. Although it is a lethargic process but we need initiative and attention because lives and mental peace of these innocent people must be prioritized and protected.