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Month: April, 2012

Water mania





It’s really very alarming that drinking water of the world along with the other recourses is with the great speed. This situation is even more alarming in developing and underdeveloped countries where people have very less awareness about preventive measures. Sadly Pakistani nation also doesn’t care for this blessing. Even spending lot of water during ablution is prohibited in Islam. But we lavishly use it throughout tooth brushing, dish washing, gardening, house washing and in bathing. This behavior is not appropriate for our coming generations, so please avoid from this and guide others.



24 / 7 tormenting


 Last night after back breaking chore of university and home I prepare my self to watch TV. Grabbing the remote control in my hands I was ready in my couch to entertain my weary brain but as switching to some news channel I was aghast by the shouts and yelling of politicians and anchor person. Sadly all were determined to prove their viewpoint by screaming and shouting and blaming others. On skipping to the next news channel same episode of roaring welcomed me. It’s really very depressing that some anchors are working on this shrieking formula for the sake of hype of their program. Our media is representative of our culture, mores and ethics in other parts of world too, so it’s necessary for all the educated class of my dear country, who appear in media, to follow some code of conduct and show others their gentle manners.